Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Ideas for your New Year

New Ideas for your New Year


Can you believe another year has passed? At this rate I feel like I’m 30 going on 80……liver-spotted hands and assisted living situations really feel like it’s something that will be happening in my very near future. But, as you know, I tend to take things to the extreme, so maybe I’ll slow down this sudden, irrational fear of the aging process and focus on the positive of what New Years can bring…

I’ve decided to set aside my Dying Will & Testament, to discuss the great new trends 2016 is bringing to weddings!.... Let me put in my hearing aide so we can talk about some new ideas for your wedding reception!!!



Anniversary Piñata!!


This is a very cool idea. You can have your guests fill the piñata with well wishes, date night ideas, marriage rules, etc…etc..

Then, just crack it open one night. Just take a bat or a large stick and beat the hell out of that sucker to break open that big ball of wisdom.

Make sure you’re sober, though…..if you start swinging a bat after a few…the next thing you know, someone’s gonna be in realllllllll bad shape, realllllllllllllllll fast…..



Painted Wedding Ceremony

This idea is so neat….we have seen it at our sight recently. You hire an artist to paint your ceremony… doesn’t get much more personal and memorable than that. Our ceremony sight it perfect for this because we happen to have the most glorious view evvvveeerrrr!!!!!!! MUA…..MUAHA……MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Annnnnnnnddddd…..I just made it creepy.



Wheel of Fortune (Wedding Style)

OMG, this would be so fun. You could put whatever scenario you want for the arrow to land on. I would have so much fun with this…..

-Sing the next song the DJ plays

- kiss the person to your left

-beat box your favorite song

-take a shot

-take a shot

-take a shot

-take a shot

-take a shot

- have some water

-take a shot

Ha, you get my drift….you can make this super fun….with endless ideas, and shots.



Mac-N- Cheese Bar

What did I just say???? Yah, I just said that. Oh. My God…..could you imagine? That sounds so amazing. Chives, jalapenos, red & green peppers, tomatoes, avocado, onions, salsa, ham, bacon,……….holy mother H’ing sh*t!!! Wait, that cussword didn’t make sense? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m too busy drooling to come up with a coherent curse phrase that can embody the absolutely sinful deliciousness associated with a Mac-N-Cheese bar.

It’s seriously the Chuck Norris of wedding ideas…and if someone doesn’t use this idea, I’ll probably punch myself in the face.

I literally can’t even continue after that Mac and Cheese idea..

I’ve never been so hungry in my entire life!!!

I may have frightened you all in the beginning with my fear of time flying by…but don’t fret!.....Take one day at a time! Especially when coming up with wedding ideas.

Every day is just one of the many days you’ll live for the rest of your life!


Until next time…… 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

2016 at the Sedona Golf Resort

2016 at the Sedona Golf Resort



Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen!!!! We just kicked our New Year off with the Sedona Bridal Show held at the Hilton right next door. I’m sure some of you were there. It was such a success and a great opportunity to shop for your wedding.


Our 2016 is absolutely filled to the rafters with weddings. I can’t wait to blog about all the beautiful brides, great décor, and crazy tipsy wedding antics!!!! Katie Draxler, our coordinator, has really made a name for herself and she’s booking weddings like crazy….We actually have a wedding tomorrow! Which is great, because I’m trying to break in my new work shoes before the season really hits.


Our staff is ready. Katie has been coordinating weddings and events for years at Sedona Golf Resort. Her supporting staff (like me…hi!) have all been working for SGR for multiple years and have boatloads of experience in weddings.


It’s no wonder we are about to have one of the best years yet!


Won’t you join us?!




Until next time…..

Friday, December 11, 2015




Ah, yes….it’s that time of year. How appropriate to write a blog on great wedding gift ideas.

As you all know, I like to research and Google topics that pertain to my blog. Tonight, I searched “wedding gifts” and all these lists of supposed “great” wedding gifts popped up. I started reading through a few of them and became a little perplexed as to what constitutes a “great” wedding gift. So, before we get into ACTUAL good wedding gift ideas, let’s talk about some of the less practical things I came across during my hunt...


An “Old Dutch Hammered Water Pitcher”……If you were to pour me a glass of water with this during a visit at your house, I would immediately feel unworthy and underdressed unless I happened to be wearing a formal gown and RSVP’d 2 weeks earlier. Actually, the way this thing looked, Rupert the butler better be sashaying around with this in his hand while you sit on your throne made of gold, rubies and the tears of poor people.


“Rosenthal Mini Porcelain Vases”…..Long story short, after looking at these vases, here’s what I think happened….Someone gave a bunch of broken glass to a blind man, handed him some crazy glue, and hoped for the best.  


A frickin “Knotted Rope Bowl”….or what I like to call, the Rubix cube of gift’s. You’re just not going to figure it out once you get it in your hands. I almost ordered one just so I could try it out or possibly manipulate it into some form of usefulness…….but, I was worried I’d just end up unraveling it and turning it into a noose over the frustration of “knot” knowing what the hell to use it for!!!!....haha, “knot”….do you see what I did, there?


Okay….enough jesting. Let’s talk about some great wedding gift ideas!!!!


“Show Me The Money!!!”


Let’s start with the obvious. Money is always a good gift. The Bride and Groom could use it towards paying off wedding bills, the new iphone that comes out weekly, an amazing honeymoon, inexplicable data charges, buying a house, health insurance/health insurance penalties, or starting a college fund for the kiddos! Of course, there’s also the fact that it may go towards something a little more sinister…like HOA fees.



Buy the Bride and Groom some lessons. Cooking lessons, dancing lessons, horse riding lessons, mountain biking lessons, painting lessons, or music lessons!!! You smell what I’m stepping in, right? I came up with this one on my own. Think about it. Two individuals come into each other’s lives…they each teach the other something over the course of their relationship. Now that they’re married, it’s the perfect time to learn something together….build that bond. It’s important to have individuality, but it’s also important to have hobbies that bring the two long as it’s not fight club, murder for hire, or drug lording….I feel it’s important to mention that; you never know who you’re blogging to.





Let’s all get real honest, sit in a circle, gaze into each other’s eyes for an uninterrupted, uncomfortable, solid minute…..and admit our obsession with hulu/netflix/amazon. Buy your Bride and Groom a Roku or Apple TV device. If they already have one, pay for a 1 year subscription for a certain app… it TV or music. Get serious, that dishware set you planned on buying them is just going to sit in a cabinet somewhere, all depressed and useless while the newlyweds order pizza and binge watch old episodes of “Lost”, “New Girl”,the best moments of “So You Think You Can Dance” and “The Voice”…..and if they have Hulu, may God be with you, because they are just one day away from catching up on current episodes!!!


It’s time to get creative with gift giving. It’s not about fancy dishware or measuring cups or serving platters…it’s about what the Bride and Groom are actually going to use. Hopefully, this helped some of you out and made you think outside of the box.


So back to Santa’s Workshop you go, my little Elves…


I have faith in your gift giving…


Until next time!!!


“Now Dasher! Now Dancer!

Now, Prancer and Vixen

On, Comet On, Cupid

On, Donner and Blitzen!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Creepy and Strange Wedding Traditions


Creepy and Strange Wedding Traditions

We all have our own way of doing certain things, especially things that come along with long held traditions……like weddings. I wanted to keep the Halloween theme with this blog, so I decided to write one about weird wedding traditions. 


Ready?.....Here we go!!!



If you get married in Scotland, be prepared to get trashed. I’m not talking about how much they drink, I’m talking about a little thing known as the “Blackening of the Bride”. It’s a little pre-marriage tradition where they literally throw trash at the Bride and Groom.

The theory is, if you can handle that, your marriage can handle anything life may throw at it. 


“Congratulations guys!!! Here’s last week’s half eating tuna sandwich, drenched in the spoiled milk I had to throw out…..I’m going to hammer through it into your skull bone to test if your marriage will last!!”


“ Yay you guys are getting married!!! Would you believe all the dog crap I picked up from the yard yesterday??? Well, you’re about to because it’s getting hip-tossed straight into your retinas!!!!”



Restroom is Out of Service

The Indonesian Tidong community has a pretty interesting tradition…..The Bride and Groom aren’t allowed to use the bathroom AT ALL for 3 days after the wedding. 


Let me reiterate….No number 1 or number 2 for three days after your wedding. 


What…..the actual…..F?!


Is it even possible? Apparently so, because it’s a pretty common tradition for this tribe….they are only allowed small amounts of food and drink, but still!!


What if you’re lactose intolerant and all they give you is milk and cheese curds?.....You can pucker all you want but when your stomach decides “that guest” is no longer welcome, you better get to a toilet and get there fast. 


If it were me, I’d do a cleanse 3 days before the nuptials, eat nothing but ice chips after the marriage, and then wear a bikini everywhere…..because I’d be frickin hot.


The Crying Game

The Tujia people of China have an interesting tradition……crying. One month before the wedding the bride is supposed to cry for one hour a day. Then, on certain intervals, the other women of her family are expected to join in.


Ummmm….I’m not much of a crier, so I would need a lot of Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials to pull this one off….Actually, I’ll just rattle off a list of things that could make me cry for an hour a day…


1. Any video of “unlikely animal friends”

2. Stories about “The Voice” candidates

3. Plenty of coffee, but no creamer

4. YouTube videos of soldiers reuniting with their dogs

5. A bare foot meeting the edge of ANY coffee table

6. Disney movies (why do the parents always have to die?!?!?)

7. Trying to sustain ANY yoga pose

8. Showing up at the DMV 30 minutes before it opens and being the 967th person in line

9. Seeing old people and fighting back the incredible urge to hug them

10. Too many appletinis

11. Not enough appletinis

12. The in between of not enough appletinis and too many appletinis where I suspect my boyfriend thinks a girl on T.V. is prettier than me

13. Crying more because I’m crying

14. Self-Diagnosing myself with a chronic illness via WebMD….

15. People who use the wrong version of “to” “too” “there” “their” they’re” “effect”

“affect” “where” “wear”


Wow, I guess I could actually excel in this tradition!


I could go on for quite some time, but maybe we will save this category for a revisit next year….Happy tricks and treats, boys and ghouls!!!!



(Cue Crypt Keeper laugh)…


Until next time!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015






October is our busiest month for weddings. We have 3 to 4 every weekend. More than likely, it is due to the weather change. This time of year is perfect. It’s also the month of my favorite holiday……HALLOWEEN!!!!! This holiday is booked out at our venue every year. This year, we have a bride that is doing an actual Halloween-themed wedding. I couldn’t be more excited!!! I did some research on this and there is definitely a trend forming….Halloween is becoming a number one day to marry your “Boo”. So let’s get creepy and check out some idea’s for a Morbid Matrimony….



Witch’s brew


Celebrate your holiday wedding with potent drinks that will send you 6 feet under for a semi eternal dirtnap…I say semi, because we all know the dead don’t stay buried for long…muahahahhaha!!!


Morgue-a-rita: A little twist on your typical margarita… use the usual recipe but add cherry juice and “goo”. The goo is made from corn syrup and green food coloring. Coat the rim of the glass with the goo so that it drips down, and you have yourself a spooktastic beverage.


Black Magic: This is a freaky, fun, layered beverage. It involves Triple Sec, Black Vodka, and Orange Juice. Garnish with an orange dipped in the black vodka for an extra bone-chilling effect.


Bloody Brain Shots: This one looks absolutely ghoulish!! Vodka, Lime juice, Bailey’s, and grenadine….it’s very pleasing to the Zombie eye. This shooter will definitely have your uests coming to get Barbara!!


Devilish décor


This is an area where I was overwhelmed with awesome ideas for a hauntingly, happy hallowedding. There is no end to what you can do…so I will just list some things I came across and some things I thought of on my own since I love all things scary that go “bump” in the night!


Name cards… Have a bare tree and the names of your guests printed on cut-outs of bats or tombstones. Or, use vampire teeth to hold your place cards.


Save the date… Use a Ouija board layout.


Table settings… Monster themed!!! Freddy, Jason, Linda Blair, The Walking Dead, The Grudge…and my Favorite, Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness!!! Another Idea would be Urban Legend themed Tables….Bloody Mary, The Licked Hand, The Kidney Heist, The Call is Coming from Inside the House, and The Slender Man.


This category has endless potential. If you google “ Halloween holograms” You will be shocked at what you can use for décor at your eerie “ I-do’s”.


Wicked wobble


It’s that bewitching hour when all the shots of magic potions hit your guests, and everyone’s Bogeyman comes out to play. So, here are some terrifying tunes to play for all your boys and ghouls…


Thriller- If you don’t know this dance by now, you don’t deserve a grave to crawl out of.


Superstition- A freaky funk song that’ll have you questioning the benefit of believing in superstition…


Werewolves of London- Warren will have your guests howling at the moon over this one.


Tubular Bells Part 1- If you dare….play this as your “walking down the isle” music…..double dog dare you.


Somebody’s Watching Me- Make your guests look over your shoulder with this chilling track….sometime’s somebody IS watching you…. It could be a ghost, it could be your creepy, 58 year old neighbor…. You can only obtain a restraining order against one…


Monster- by Kanye West…..he’s terrifying all on his own, especially when combined with the family he married into…. Don’t worry Bruce, we get it…..I’d change a lot more than my gender if I had to put up with all those Kardashians…They make everyday feel like Halloween, that’s some scary sh*t!!!!


I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it. Weddings aren’t as traditional as they used to be…..but, that’s a good thing. It’s supposed to reflect your personality….even if that means tapping into your dark side! Eeeeehehehehe ( Crypt Keeper laugh ).


“I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner… “


…. But Brittany….why the lotion and the hose?....





Sleep tight, boys and ghouls

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